Xochitl Medina Arreola

B.S. Computer Science | San Jose State University

My personal and forever changing website.

About me

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My name is Xochitl, pronounced as 'sochi'. I graduated from San Jose State University this Summer 2021. Not only am I interested in tech, but as well as art (specifically drawing and painting). My interest in tech are Web Development and Security. I love to learn to new things and I am always up for something new.

I am currently looking for internships or entry level jobs as a Software Developer, Software Engineer, or anything similar to it!

Currently learning: Enforcing Javascript knowledge, React.



BS - Computer Science

Fall 2019 - Summer 2021

San Jose State University
GPA: 3.37


  • Java
  • C Programming
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Data Structures and Algorithm
  • Information Security
  • Operation Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Network Management
  • Computer Architecture
  • Software Engineering

Additional Experience:

Immigration Center at Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose, CA, Fall 2017



Personal Website

No images needed as you're right on the website! Enjoy.

Solo project

Following langauges were used: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Objective: To code my own portfolio in order to showcase my front end web development skills.

** You can go to the Github link at the top or inspect the element right on this browser to take a look at the code.